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african american woman with baby girl working from home

Is the Proverbs 31 Woman Even Real?

I quickly closed my bible and said, “Umm yea, this woman is not real, I can’t relate.” Why? Well for one, I don’t like to cook or clean, I appreciate my sleep, I don’t know how to sew (takes me 30 minutes just to get the thread in the needle head), and at that time in my life, I was working and in school full-time (do people still farm? – don’t judge me I’m a city girl).

Smart woman working with computer, view from above

5 Ways God Reveals Your Calling

God communicates to us in many different ways. How Moses discover his calling is different than Job, Joseph or Nehemiah. God is so amazingly creative. Even today he reveals our individuals callings in unique ways.

Teenage girl sitting alone on autumn cold day. Lonely sad young woman wearing warm sweater thinking and hesitating. Loneliness and solitude concept.

5 Tips to Get Through Valentine’s Day Single

It’s that wonderful time of the year when couples all around the world express their love towards one another with romantic gestures, kind words, and extravagant outings. That’s all great, unless you’re the girl who is alone on Valentine’s Day with no plans

Young woman praying in bed

How to Hear God’s Voice

It’s virtually impossible to have a healthy/happy relationship with someone you can’t communicate with or when the communication is one-way. However, this is the reality for many believers in their relationship with their heavenly husband – Jesus Christ.


7 Tips to Stay Focused in Life & Business

Distractions come easy, don’t they? Has this happened to you before? At the start of a new year, you set goals and make new year’s resolutions but by March you’ve either forgotten about them or simply gave up all together? Well… that’s you, me and millions of other people in the world.


7 Steps to Heal from a Break Up

Contrary to common belief, time does not heal all wounds but God can. Time has no healing power. Jesus is the healer: Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

Family studying the bible together in their home

How to Know God’s Will for Your Life

One thing for sure is that there’s a longing placed in every individual by God for a sense of purpose and destiny. We all want to make our life count. No one plans to fail in life but the reality is it’s happens all the time.

people, emotions, stress and health care concept - unhappy african american young woman touching her head and suffering from headache

5 Reminders When You’re Suffering

Question. Are you unprepared for when tough times come? Are you facing a hard season now? Honestly, we know life is full of ups and downs, so why are some of us so easily defeated? Are you equipped for the expected unexpected battles?

Abstaining from sex

3 Tips to Abstain from Sex while Dating

Before I met my husband I made up in my mind I wasn’t going to make the same mistake for a third time and I was determined to remain faithful to God and honor Him with not only my life but my body.


5 Steps to Break the Generational Cycle of Failed Marriages

Have you noticed a repeated cycle of family breakdown, conflict, struggling marriages and/or divorce in your bloodline? This is a sign that a generational curse may be operating. I personally come from a lineage of adultery, illegitimate children and divorce.

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