“Helping the visionary woman of faith navigate through life and fulfill her business dreams”

The Best You (T.B.Y), is an online community and Christian lifestyle blog for the modern-day proverbs 31 woman. Helping her prosper from the inside out – growing spiritually while building a healthy/happy homes & business.


 Our 3 pillars of support are Faith, Family, & Success:

Your  Faith

Your Family

Your Success

Your faith is your power. Without it, there’s no way to fulfill God’s plan for your life. He wrote the plans for your life – do you believe in them? Sometime it just takes a little soul work – we can help! Your a nurturer and you love your family but it’s not always easy. Whether your single, dating or married there’s nothing wrong with a few extra tips and trick to make life easier and happier. We know –  your dreams extend beyond the mundane day to day. You’re heart is full of new ideas, creativity and adventure – let us help you make your online business and entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

So, We totally get it!

You’re a dreamer – you have plenty of them! There’s many endeavors you’d love to start, people you’d love to serve, places you’d love to go, project you’d love to create and things you’d love to do for yourself, family and God.

But, in reality your days have become pretty mundane -same ol’ same ol’, working a 9-5 (ugh, building someone else’s dream), taking care of the kiddos and hubby and trying to take care of home.

You know in your heart there’s so much more you were created do – like start a business. But stepping out actually scares you and you barely have the time and energy to do what you’re currently doing now.

God, why did you make us women so multifaceted but only gave us 24 hours in a day?

How am I supposed to accomplish all of these dreams you’ve given me?

Oh and how did the Proverbs 31 woman do it all anyway? 

I’ve asked myself all of those questions. But I also know God wouldn’t give us dreams we’re not capable of making a reality (with His help, of course!).


  • Living the life you’ve been dreaming about,  doing the things you love, for the people you love.
  • Starting your dream online business.
  • Having more time and energy for yourself. family and God.
  • Being satisfied with the woman you’ve become and continue to grow into everyday.

No matter what you desires are in life, the common denominator is always YOU.

  • Do YOU believe you can do it?
  • Are you planning YOUR days, weeks, months & year? Or living passively?
  • Do YOU know your purpose, identity and next assignment?
  • How healthy are YOUR relationships?

When you are your best self, it reflects positively in every area of life – in your relationships, home, business and/or ministry. You’re a mama with BIG dreams and you should be living them!

Here’s my story…

See, I’m all about my babies & business!

Baby #1 is 5’11 and 200 lbs, which would be my husband. Ha!

Baby #2 is growing every day, my little chubby cheeks, Alyssa Glori.

I’m extremely blessed and grateful for them both. Truth is however, after marriage, your girl got a bit, no REALLY frustrated with life. Yup, happily married and FRUSTRATED.

Why you may ask?

Well… there were still my business dreams! Many other things my heart desired were starting to line up but, I had so many unfulfilled dreams locked inside of me, which continued to get buried deeper and deeper the longer and longer I put things off. God would literally wake me up at night with ideas and visions. However, most of my energy went towards a 9-5, trying to take care of a home (key word, trying), ministry responsibilities (oh yea, my hubby is a Pastor), and spending quality time with the family. That left little to no time for me and my dreams.

Can you relate?

Other than time & organizational management, my greatest hindrance to living the life my heart desired was MYSELF. My fears, poor self-esteem, confidence, and oh my mindset was a little jacked, too!. Even with my masters degree in media management, studies in entrepreneurship, tons of resources, mentorship, and coaching, I still felt stuck.

I spent year (almost 3) working an entry level position I was way overqualified for. There were many days I fought back tears (and shed a few) because I was so dissatisfied with life. I would just dream my little heart away but didn’t have the confidence to pursue them. I was simply not my best self.

God would say, “go”, I would say, “but wait.”

He would give me the plans, I would attempt to rewrite them.

He would encourage me, I continued to doubt.

The Turning Point…

Fast forward, as you can now see (assuming since you’ve read this far), I eventually decided to trust God and put my business hat on. The solution was was the Soul Work!

Overtime, I allowed God to fully heal my heart, renew my thinking, build my faith and confidence.  I stopped dreaming and now I’m finally making my dreams a reality, and you know what the most exciting part is… you’re apart of my dream!

You may…

have the success you desire but your family and relationships are suffering, you may have the happy family you’ve always dreamed of but like me your a mama with goals and still unsatisfied, or possibly you have the family and business your equally passionate about but your intimacy with God is not like it used to be.

The point is, no matter where you are in your home and business journey, I want to help. Help you overcome all of your inner blocks, grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord and build the confidence + gain the know-how so you too can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I do this through T.B.Y community – weekly blogs, our online boutique (got to look your best too!), bible studies and upcoming ecourse.

So before you go, I want to invite your to join the T.B.Y email list community. By signing up (it’s free), you’ll get access to my Resource Lounge with free downloads, like worksheets, ebooks, bible studies and more.


The Best You
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