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How to Change Bad Habits that Hold You Back

You’ve prayed about it, resisted for a week or two but before you knew it you, were right back at it. You made excuses for a while but sooner or later you start sensing that conviction once again that says, “let it go!”

“But how God, how?” Is that your questions?


How to Start a Purpose-Driven Blog

God has given you an unique message to share with your corner of the world and I’m here to help! I want to help you share your heart, life lessons, and wisdom with as many people as possible on the wonderful world wide web by you named it, blogging!


5 Mindsets That Sabotage Your Success

The word “mind” appears in scripture 142 times. God cares about what we think. He knows our thought life directly impacts our actions or lack thereof. There are things God desires to do in your life but your mindset can hinder them.


7 Things You Must Think About Before Making a Big Decision

There’s no blueprint for life – it’s a journey with God. Although, God doesn’t give us specific answers to all of life’s major decisions in advance, He does provide us with direction, wisdom and make Himself available for the answers we need along the way.


Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Tips to Find Better Balance in Life

As a full-time working mother, pastor’s wife and visionary building my God-given dreams; time and energy are hot commodities around here. Not that long ago I found myself living off of fumes and close to mental break down (I’m exaggerating but it felt like it). I had to step back and take a good look at myself and life and figure out a system that works for me.


5 Questions that Saved Me from Marrying the Wrong One

Prior to meeting, courting and marrying my now husband, there were two men whom I thought would one day be my “husband.” I’m immensely grateful that I listened to God when He spoke to my heart and told me not to settle. I almost did but by His grace, I didn’t.

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5 Truths about Writing Your First Book

I honestly believe writing a book doesn’t have to be hard but there’s a few things you should know before you get started. I promise after accepting these truths, you’ll not only have the right mindset to get your writing on but you’ll essentially have the steps to get your first manuscript complete!

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Is the Proverbs 31 Woman Even Real?

I quickly closed my bible and said, “Umm yea, this woman is not real, I can’t relate.” Why? Well for one, I don’t like to cook or clean, I appreciate my sleep, I don’t know how to sew (takes me 30 minutes just to get the thread in the needle head), and at that time in my life, I was working and in school full-time (do people still farm? – don’t judge me I’m a city girl).

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5 Ways God Reveals Your Calling

God communicates to us in many different ways. How Moses discover his calling is different than Job, Joseph or Nehemiah. God is so amazingly creative. Even today he reveals our individuals callings in unique ways.

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How to Hear God’s Voice

It’s virtually impossible to have a healthy/happy relationship with someone you can’t communicate with or when the communication is one-way. However, this is the reality for many believers in their relationship with their heavenly husband – Jesus Christ.

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