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4 Ways to Reap Blessings through Your Words

I have seen words pierce people deeper than a sword and leave wounds that take a lot longer to heal than a broken bone. Words definitely have the potential to hurt people. Words can be used to hurt other people as well as hurt ourselves.


4 Reasons Why Celibacy in the 21st Century is So Important

Today, we are living in a society where the practice of celibacy is not the norm and is seen as an outdated thing of the past. Not only in the secular world, but also in the lives of many Christian believers. Many Christians hold the same beliefs of those in the world which is the notion that you should test drive the vehicle before making the purchase.


When 10% Just Isn’t Enough…3 Ways To Give God Your All

If you have a relationship with God and you are operating on this level for too long, He will eventually convict you and call you to a higher level of living. How do I know? This is the way I have lived most of my life, and in this season God is saying to me: “I am requiring more of you for where I am taking you.This level you are operating on are producing good results that are getting the approval of men, but…


How to Enjoy & Maximize Every Season in Your Life

From the time we were little we were introduced to the idea that our happiness is obtainable once we reach this successful future we plan to create for ourselves one day. We were told in order to have a good life, we must set goals and work on accomplishing those goals, and once we do, we will be happy.


4 Types of Friendship: What is the Purpose of Yours?

While romantic relationships are great, there are many other kinds of relationships that we should have wisdom about. It is important to understand the different kinds of relationships and the purpose for each one.


6 Tips To Happily Get You Through Your First Year of Marriage

The movies don’t tell you what to do after the wedding bells are no longer ringing, the rice blows away, and the guests have all went home and here you are, hand and hand with a man you vowed to spend the rest of your life with. Most people believe that the first year of marriage is the worst because it is the occurrence of two worlds clashing together to form one. Contrary to popular belief, this does not have to be true for your marriage.

Teenage girl sitting alone on autumn cold day. Lonely sad young woman wearing warm sweater thinking and hesitating. Loneliness and solitude concept.

5 Tips to Get Through Valentine’s Day Single

It’s that wonderful time of the year when couples all around the world express their love towards one another with romantic gestures, kind words, and extravagant outings. That’s all great, unless you’re the girl who is alone on Valentine’s Day with no plans

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