When 10% Just Isn’t Enough…3 Ways To Give God Your All

Have you ever did something so effortlessly that everyone else thought was so amazing? Maybe you’ve only given ten percent of yourself to something and still got the approval and applause as if you gave one hundred. Some people may be thinking, “What’s the problem with that?” The problem with this, is that you are cheating yourself, others, and God out of receiving everything that God has placed on the inside of you. If you have a relationship with God and you are operating on this level for too long, He will eventually convict you and call you to a higher level of living.

How do I know? This is the way I have lived most of my life, and in this season God is saying to me:

“I am requiring more of you for where I am taking you.This level you are operating on are producing good results that are getting the approval of men, but I know what I have placed in you. Are you going to be satisfied with the world’s standard of good or are you going to come up higher and operate on the level that I created you to operate on?”

Wow! As you can imagine, this really brought conviction to my heart.

As God brought this to my attention, I began to look back over my entire life. I was reminded of all the areas I half committed myself to over the years but yet still received recognition of excellence and good outcomes. See it’s easy to change your behavior when you begin to get negative outcomes that aren’t so desirable. We’ve all heard the saying, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to yield different results. But repetitive unhealthy behavior that yields good (according to the world’s standards) results can leave you operating at a lower level than God has called you to if you are not careful. As Christians, we should want to give God our all and live our lives to its full potential.

Here’s a few ways on how we can give God our all:

1.Stay Passionate About the Things That God Has Called You To

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men- Colossians 3:23

For me, I believe that the unhealthy behavior started with my first job at sixteen. I started off very passionate about my new job. I was dedicated, prompt, and eager to work. As time passed I began coming in later and later. I lacked respect for some of my managers when I didn’t agree with something they did and made sure they were aware of it. (Just a friendly reminder, this was before my relationship with Christ.) This sounds like behavior that should eventually warrant termination, right? I agree. So why wasn’t I terminated? I had a gift. I caught on to everything super fast and once I caught on I became very proficient in every area without putting forth any effort. I was one of the most proficient employees there. This caused the store manager to take notice and overlook the other not so favorable behavior. I also received praises from my customers because of my excellent customer service skills. I was even offered to be promoted to a manager. It’s dangerous how a smile and a friendly attitude can mask some of the ugliest character flaws that are hidden. I learned this at an early age. This was the same job that I was so excited to have initially. Although I knew it was just a job I would have had as a teenager, I had so much passion when I first started. We can be the same way even as adults. We believe God for that job, that next level in our purpose, a new assignment, those children, that spouse and once He blesses us with it, then we slowly lose the passion and eagerness we once had for that thing . It’s very important to stay passionate about the things that God has called you to. When we lose our passion, loss of integrity concerning that thing will more than likely follow. God wants us to be passionate about the things He has called us to and have integrity concerning those things.

2.Walk In Integrity, Not Just Your Gift

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them- Proverbs 11:3

My character flaws followed me throughout my college years. I half studied, procrastinated, missed deadlines,  showed up late for classes and made excuses. I had horrible time management skills and would wait until the very last minute to complete an assignment that I would still receive an A on. It became even worse as I discovered the grace message as a Christian. I learned that grace was God’s empowerment on us to do something that we could not do in our own natural ability. I used this for my benefit. I would study two days before the exam and count on God’s grace to get me an A. I continued this behavior and continued to receive good grades and recognition throughout my college career.

The thing is, God’s grace is His empowerment on us to do things for us THAT WE CAN NOT DO IN OUR OWN NATURAL ABILITY. He’s given us grace but He has also given us natural ability. It is our responsibility and service to Him to do everything we can do in our natural ability and trust Him to handle what we cannot. Your gifting cannot hold enough weight in itself. It will initially attract people to you, but if it is not aligned with integrity, the lack of integrity will overshadow your gift. As Christians we must be people of integrity. How do we look, being created in the image of the most high God, not walking in integrity? Do people truly believe our word? How can we convince or influence someone to live a Christian life if we can’t even convince them that we will be on time for something or do something when we say we will do it? Lack of integrity spills over into every area, ruins your witness, and will prevent you from going higher in your walk with God.

3.Seek God’s Approval, Not Man’s

Be [very] careful not to do your ]good deeds publicly, to be seen by men; otherwise you will have no reward [prepared and awaiting you] with your Father who is in heaven- Matthew 6:1 AMP

Unfortunately the behavior didn’t end with college. I carried this on to serving in ministry. I was not fully committed to any of the ministries I was serving in. I would just show up without preparation, without covering the ministry in prayer, and without giving the ministry any thought prior to the day I had to serve. Even in this, God graced me through it and lives were blessed from it. I would receive compliments afterwards of how well I did or how God was really using me to be a blessing. This actually fed the idea I had carried most of my adult life that I can half commit and count on the giftings that God placed in me and His grace to produce for me. I sadly became satisfied with the approval of men. After a while God began to convict me. He showed me the importance of seeking approval from Him rather than man. The world is unaware of our true potential. Only God knows what He placed on the inside of us. He knows when we are not fully committed or not fully performing at the level that He called us to perform at. That is why we cannot depend on the opinion and approval of man. Man sees the outward appearance but God sees our heart. What if someone walked up to you and gave you ten dollars for no reason? You would be pretty excited right? Little did you know, that person was given one hundred dollars to give to you. You’re satisfied with the ten dollars because you didn’t know that that person was suppose to give you one hundred. That’s what it looks like when we receive approval and praise from other people. They do not know what God gave you and how much you are suppose to be giving. They are looking at outward appearances and gifts.

We are not going to have to give an account of our lives to man when it’s over, but to God. The question that He may ask us is “Did you pour out all of the gifts, the potential, and purpose I placed in you while you were here on the earth or did you cheat the world and your generation out of experiencing the best version of yourself.” Although we may be a blessing to people performing at the level we are performing on (giving only ten percent of ourselves), there are many more lives that can be impacted if we fully commit to the areas that God has called us to. Imagine if you were ten times better, ten times more committed, or had ten times more integrity than you have right now. How much more impact would you have on the world? How much more glory would God get for the calling on your life?

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed-Romans 8:19 NIV

Lack of commitment, character flaws, and integrity can remain hidden for a long time. It’s those sins that not many people will be able to see, also known as sins of the heart. These sins we can dress up by not committing outwardly sins of the flesh like smoking, drinking, adultery, fornication, etc. That’s why I believe that sins of the heart are much more dangerous than outward sins of the flesh because they can go hidden and unchecked for a long time. As a believer, our main goal should be to please God. Our sole purpose in life is to carry out with excellence whatever God has placed inside of us. There are definitely areas where I can come up higher in where I have been half committing. I hope that if there are some areas in your life or in your purpose where you are not fully committed that you would join me and make a decision to give God back everything that He has given you. If so, won’t you pray this prayer with me.

Pray this Prayer:

Father God,

I come to you with a changed heart. I repent for not performing at the level of excellence that you have called me to. Forgive me Lord. I ask that your grace empowers me to be disciplined, committed, and have integrity in every area in my life. I seek your approval Lord and not the approval of man. For the rest of my life let me live to perform before an audience of one, which is You. In this, lives will be transformed and you will get the glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Hi guys, I’m Sharnae, one of the bloggers for “The Best You.” It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all of the great things that God places on my heart to write about. Writing has been such a passion for me for so long. “The Best You” has given me the opportunity to be able to put that passion into action.

It is my hope that as I share with you my experiences as a Christian, wife, and nurse, it increases your desire to live a God focused life that draws you closer to God as you are discovering The Best You.

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Hi guys, I'm Sharnae, one of the bloggers for “The Best You.” It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all of the great things that God places on my heart to write about. Writing has been such a passion for me for so long. “The Best You” has given me the opportunity to be able to put that passion into action. It is my hope that as I share with you my experiences as a Christian, wife, and nurse, it increases your desire to live a God focused life that draws you closer to God as you are discovering The Best You.
    • Erin
    • June 12, 2017

    These are all things I’ve dealt with fairly recently. Maybe this is a season God is trying to bring many of His people through in order that we all do a full court press for His Kingdom in these tumultuous times.

  1. Reply

    That’s all that God wants from us – He wants 100% of everything!

  2. Reply

    Sharnae, this was very timely. God has been doing some pruning in my life and a lot of it has to do with trying to live life in my own strength. I am gradually learning that it is not my strength that matters, but His. He will often set our little boats adrift, when we get too complacent being tied to the dock! Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  3. Reply

    I can completely relate to your first point. I too catch on extremely fast and effortlessly become proficient at whatever I have learned. I also have become disgruntled toward management and had a negative attitude because I knew I would not be terminated. It takes a lot of effort to get out of that mindset. Very good post!

  4. I have always had a lot of things come easy for me, and I have to be more mindful of giving God 100% even when 10 would do for someone else, because He hasn’t asked for their best, He asked for mine!

  5. Reply

    Seeking God’s approval. Yes and amen!! I have had to remind myself of this one so much lately

  6. Reply

    I agree with all of these but especially #3! It’s the most difficult one to live by when it seems the rest of the world is against you but the most rewarding!

    • Antoinesse
    • June 15, 2017

    This is so on time…MY GOD!! Thank you for sharing what has been on me these past few days.

  7. Reply

    SO important that we give God 100% of all of it!

  8. Reply

    I love that passage in Romans 8. I try to imagine myself as God originally intended and try to participate in what He is trying to do.

  9. Reply

    God wants all of us – all 100% – He don’t want anything left out!

  10. Reply

    That last point is the hardest – seeking God’s approval instead of man’s. It’s hard sometimes for sure!

  11. Reply

    Amen! I absolutely love this list. We have to give God all our and trust that He knows what’s best for us. That He has a plan and will work things out for His glory no matter what comes our way. I was actually just talking to my mom about this earlier today.

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