5 Ways God Reveals Your Calling

God communicates to us in many different ways. How Moses discover his calling is different than Job, Joseph or Nehemiah. God is so amazingly creative. Even today he reveals our individuals callings in unique ways.

God has given each of us an unique message, whether you realize it or not, you embody something powerful to share with a specific audience! You’re meant to make an impact, through unique assignments. This is your calling!

Discovering your calling is an integral part of your life purpose. Here’s several ways God may reveal your calling to you:


When you see a person or group with needs unmet, there may be a strong sense of calling in your heart to serve, or provide a solution to their problem. This could be God moving you in the direction of your call. Be mindful of what stirs you.

Natural Gifting

For some is pretty obvious what they’re called to do. They may be a natural athlete, or gifted to singer, writer or speaker. Sometimes our gifts are so natural they’re hard for us to recognize. This was true for me. For years I didn’t believe I had any natural gifts – I didn’t have any recognizable talents, so I thought. Even if you don’t recognize your gifts, others around you will. Do you have any natural gifts you may not be using? If you’re not sure, ask your close friends and family what they believe your gifts are.

Childhood Dreams

Like Samuel in the bible, God places significant insight in the hearts of children about their future. When I talk about purpose with others, I always question what their interest were as children, big and small. Every element of my calling and purpose I can root back to something I did or was interested in as a child. Back then it may has been just a game or seemingly random but they were always apart of my God-given design.

Personal Struggle

I personally see this one often. I find that for many peoples calls grows out of their personal testimony.  When you’ve overcome something, we often tend to want to help others in the same area.

Direct Revelation

God speaks! God may speak through inner witness, dreams, visions or other ways supernaturally to reveal your calling. This one was me! When I first gave my life to Christ, I started to have a lot  of dreams  I now know are related to my purpose, life and destiny.

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Aleida Lane teaches women of faith how to prosper from the inside out by growing spiritually and building happy/healthy homes & businesses. She’s also a pastor’s wife, mommy & founder The Best You Blog & Boutique.

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Aleida Lane teaches women of faith how to prosper from the inside out by growing spiritually and building happy/healthy homes & businesses. She's also a pastor's wife, mommy & founder The Best You Blog & Boutique.
  1. Reply

    I think it’s a little bit of the natural gifting for me 🙂

    1. Reply

      Oh, great! I didn’t recognize my natural gifts until later in life.

  2. Reply

    I think God has used all of those in my life at one point or another. I can see my calling weaved through each point.

    1. Reply

      Oh, how exciting! Thank you for sharing. Isn’t it exciting to know your calling?

      1. Reply

        It really is! It’s something I wish I would have learned years ago. There’s something freeing in it.

  3. Reply

    God definitely gives different gifts and sometimes even at different times in ones life. It’s a blessing to allow him to work through us however he chooses.

    1. Reply

      Kristi, so true. Timing is also key. I didn’t discover my calling until later is life but it makes sense. I had to learn and go through a few things first.

  4. Reply

    This is a good post, Aleida. All of these are good indicators of who we should be in Him. Thank you for sharing. – Amy

    1. Reply

      You’re welcome & thank you for your comment!

  5. Reply

    I think it has to do with what we are a passionate about – that sort of goes along with compassion. I think it is so important to know our calling! We don’t have to flounder about it all. Thanks for these succinct points.

    1. Reply

      Amy, yes passion is also key! Thank you for reading!

    • Kathy
    • February 14, 2017

    These are right on …lately I gave been listening to what God is saying..and what I hear feels hard but I hear nothing other than take the steps..sometimes a calling isnt easy..

    1. Reply

      Kathy – I can relate. When I first learned what God was calling me to do. I thought He made a mistake for choosing me. Like Moses and Jeremiah – I questioned God and my capabilities but that where faith comes in.

  6. Reply

    I love your suggestions! I recommend people read “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson because it also shows that the path to your calling isn’t always smooth and obvious. Many people face adversity and give up.

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Maria! I haven’t heard/read of that book. I’m going to add it to my list. I agree everyone doesn’t reach their calling because they give up. Sad 🙁

  7. Reply

    This was a great post! As I looked at each of these I can honestly see myself in every one. I hadn’t thought about the childhood dream until I realized even as a child I was writing something for somebody to read. God is so good and His faithfulness is unwavering!

    1. Reply

      This may be more common than I thought! There are things that I did as a child I had no idea would one day be connected to my purpose.

  8. Reply

    I have never thought about the childhood dreams, but as a child, I was always writing something for anybody to read. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Reply

    LOVE THIS! So simple, yet powerful and real. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Reply

      Thank you for reading, Jessie! Yes – discovering our call doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t you just love God!

  10. Reply

    We need to ask Him to show us whatever our calling is

  11. Reply

    I’ve recently started a book along these lines and it opened my eyes to the thought about how my childhood correlates now as well! Mine is pretty dead on with what my heart longs to do! I love all of these points and I think they’re an intricate part of the prayer process when discovering Gods purpose for our lives! Awesome post!

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