How to Enjoy & Maximize Every Season in Your Life

From the time we were little we were introduced to the idea that our happiness is obtainable once we reach this successful future we plan to create for ourselves one day. We were told in order to have a good life, we must set goals and work on accomplishing those goals, and once we do, we will be happy.

Little girls couldn’t wait to grow up to be swept off of their feet by this incredible prince charming of a man who would father their beautiful children. Young boys envisioned becoming successful doctors, lawyers, business tycoons, famous sports players or whatever other careers they thought would bring them success and happiness. We couldn’t wait to jump into that next season of our lives. When we were children, we couldn’t wait to become a teenager then as teenagers, we looked forward to becoming adults so that no one could “tell us what to do.” Boy were we misinformed.

Then as adults, we couldn’t wait to get married, wait to have children, or wait to land that dream job of ours. This “can’t wait” or “looking forward to” attitude can sometimes birth discontentment in our hearts and prevent us from enjoying our current season.

Let’s explore some different areas that can birth this attitude of discontentment and find out what we can do to enjoy and maximize our present day lives:

Discontentment In Our Relationship Status

Some people truly believe that their happiness is based upon the state of their relationship status. Some singles believe that if they could just find their mate they would be happy while some married people believe that if their mate would just do what they want or in some cases just leave them to be single again they would be happy. There are a couple of problems with these beliefs.

One, you are giving control of your happiness to another human being who is subject to make mistakes. Two, you are allowing your focus on “what could be” distract you from the beautiful season that is before you. If you are single this is a very sacred season God has you in. There are some things that He wants to teach you in this season if you will allow Him that you couldn’t get in any other season. There are some things He wants to teach you about yourself that will build you up for future seasons. This may be the most intimate you’ll be with Him because you don’t have the worries of pleasing your husband as the Bible talks about and you will be solely focused on pleasing God. Let Him fill that lonely void that your future husband, no matter how great he will be, will never be able to fill.

If you are married, don’t allow the enemy to take your eyes off of your husband’s greatness! Whatever you feed will grow! Feed the negative and you’re sowing into that big negative fruit tree. Feed the positive and you’ll get yourself a nice and beautiful tree. Be happy in your marriage now, not when John stops or starts doing X, Y,and Z. To be honest, you may not be receiving what you need from your husband because you may be making an idol out of him. We have to remember that God is the source of our joy, peace, happiness and everything else, not man. Your husband is just a bonus! Give your husband and yourself to God and you’ll find yourself a lot more fulfilled and happy. Also, if you are married with children, don’t rush their seasons. Embrace every moment because you cannot get them back. If you do not have children, don’t rush God’s timing. Stand on His word that your womb is blessed and that you will not be barren, but also enjoy this season of your marriage without children.

Discontentment In Your Purpose

There are times where we may feel like we aren’t where we need to be concerning our purpose. Maybe we have our eyes on other people’s lives who seem like they are flourishing in their purpose. Or maybe God has revealed His purpose to us and we are not seeing the full manifestation of it, or maybe not even half of the manifestation. First thing, take your eyes off of your neighbor’s life. God dealt that person that special portion and He has a special portion He has dealt out to you. His timing is perfect. If you are wholeheartedly obeying God in this season, you are exactly where you need to be despite what it looks like.

Flourish where you are now. What if Joseph, knowing who God called him to be, became discontent when he was placed into slavery? He wouldn’t be able to fulfill his calling in that season to be promoted from a slave and rule under Potiphar (head over the palace). God needed him to be a slave in that season so that Joseph could be in the place God needed him to change. Don’t always focus on a position, because sometimes God just needs you in a position to get you to reach or influence a particular environment. Keep obeying God, and enjoy whatever season of your purpose that God has you in. In this, you allow God’s perfect will to be done in your life.

Discontentment on Your Job

You can apply Joseph’s story to this area too. Remember, it’s not the position, but the realm of influence God needs you in to bring change. God promised that He will make you the head and not the tail and you have to hold tight of that promise while also being faithful at what you may think is the tail level of your job now. Give your all, go to work in a good mood, serve and be a light in your current realm of influence. God has a purpose for you even on this level.

Discontentment in Your Financial Situation

There is no doubt about it that God has called you to be blessed and prosperous in every area. This is evident throughout scripture. This may be a season where you are thinking, “I sure don’t feel like I’m rich and prosperous.” Allow yourself to be enlightened. Prosperity is a mind set. It means that no matter what circumstances around you looks like, you know that God is your source and the source of everything and He has you covered. You know that through Jesus Christ you have inherited the kingdom of God and everything in it including earthly blessings. But how’s your attitude now? Are you praising God for legs to walk to the bus station while believing God for your new car. Are you thanking God for your 2011 Nissan while believing Him for your 2018 Jaguar? Are you praising and thanking Him for a roof over your head while believing Him for those houses you didn’t have to build filled with furnishings you didn’t have to buy? There is nothing wrong with believing God and having a vision for material promises. The most important thing is that your heart is in the right place and you are thankful and praise God in whatever financial state you appear to be in.

Actually, I don’t have a sense of needing anything personally. I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I’ve found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. -Philippians 4:11-13 MSG

It is with high hopes that after you have explored the different areas we can sometimes allow ourselves to become discontent in, you do a self evaluation and see if there are some areas you can come up higher in in your thanksgiving to God for your current season. In all reality, that future spouse, that future job, that future financial status, will never fill that void you are looking for to be filled. Only God can fill that. Be reminded of what Jesus told the woman at the well. “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:13-14

Those earthly things that you are hoping to find happiness in, will never be able to fill you completely. You are going to keep going to those “wells” to try to keep getting filled. Meaning you are going to keep seeking happiness from that next level in every area. There will never be enough money, status, good of a man or woman, for you to be filled with that fullness God fills you with through Jesus Christ. Learn to be like Paul who was abased in every state and in every season.

Pray this prayer:

Father God, forgive me for any areas that I may have been discontent in. I ask that you give me a heart of thanksgiving. I give you every area of my life and trust in your perfect will and your perfect timing! I come to you and ask you to fill me with Your living water so that I may never thirst again. I boldly confess in faith that I am full in you. I am complete in you. While standing on all of your promises concerning my life, I also find joy and am thankful for my current season. I give my will over to you and ask that you teach me whatever you want to teach me in this season. Influence whoever you need me to influence in this season. I’m am fully yours and available to you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Hi guys, I’m Sharnae, one of the bloggers for “The Best You.” It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all of the great things that God places on my heart to write about. Writing has been such a passion for me for so long. “The Best You” has given me the opportunity to be able to put that passion into action.

It is my hope that as I share with you my experiences as a Christian, wife, and nurse, it increases your desire to live a God focused life that draws you closer to God as you are discovering The Best You.

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Hi guys, I'm Sharnae, one of the bloggers for “The Best You.” It is a pleasure to be able to share with you all of the great things that God places on my heart to write about. Writing has been such a passion for me for so long. “The Best You” has given me the opportunity to be able to put that passion into action. It is my hope that as I share with you my experiences as a Christian, wife, and nurse, it increases your desire to live a God focused life that draws you closer to God as you are discovering The Best You.
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    Sharnee I really need to read this today. It’s so important for us to remain content.

  2. Reply

    God is with us in every season of our lives!

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    Discontentment is from the enemy. It breeds all sorts of other sins in our lives because we are not enjoying what God has given us. I’ve seen discontentment lead to broken marriages and miserable lives. We must praise God for each stage of our lives, even if they are not ideal.

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    Really very beautiful. God has been reminding me to be patient and to not miss what he is doing currently in this season. Thank you for your words.

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    Such a timely post. Thank you for reminding me, again, that God has a purpose… I’m am just to be obedient! Lovely read!

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    This is such a good reminder. When we grow discontent, we lose the joy in the process.

  7. Very true! We get caught in the mindset of waiting for . . . to be happy only to realize we missed so much joy!

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    Amen! Replacing discontentment with thanksgiving is our calling. It brings others to Christ where complaining makes them wonder what’s so great about God any way.

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    I think the admin of this web site is genuinely working hard in support of his web site, as here every information is quality based data.

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